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Торговая стратегия торговли на NYSE,NASDAQ,AMEX (Черновик, постоянно буду дописывать)

В процессе редактирования 21.10.2010 Суть моей торговой стратегии проста,  это торговля на продолжение тренда или разворот акции внутри дня после значительного роста или падения.

Основные сигналы на продолжение тренда:

  • На дневном графике акция должна расти или пройти  ключевой уровень. Чаще всего торгую акции которые находятся на годовом хае или прошли какой то значимый уровень за 100 дней.
  • Смотрю уровни на дневном и 15 минутном масштабе, там должен быть виден четкий тренд
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Американские индексы падают перед открытием торгов

Ближайший уровень поддержки по SPY – 199.45 уровень сопротивления – 200.00

 analytics 28 08 2014 Американские индексы падают перед открытием торгов

HUM продажа ниже 127

BITA продажа ниже 88

ATHM продажа ниже 50

QIHU продажа ниже 88

GMCR продажа ниже 134


Gapping up/down: SIG +3% after earnings, DGLY +14% after new order announcement, RPRX +12% after study results, FEYE +2% after initiation w/Buy; GOMO-22%, GES -8.3% and ANF -6% after earnings, GTAT -2% after dg

Gapping up
In reaction to strong earnings/guidance: EDAP +4.2%, SIG +2.7%, VNET +2%, DATE +1.8%, LCI +1.7%, WDAY +1.3%.

Select metals/mining stocks trading higher: GFI +2.2%, SLV +1.7%, HL +1.6%, GG +1.4%, IAG +1.3%, AEM +1.3%, SLW +1.3%, ABX +1.3%, AUY +1.3%, GOLD +0.8%.

Other news: CREG +24.5% (Chairman Guohua Ku has entered into a share purchase agreement to purchase ~13.83 mln shares at $1.37/share), DGLY +13.8% (receives order from State Police Of Michigan valued at more than $1.1 mln), ETRM +13.1% (announces three year diabetes, hypertension and weight loss data from the Maestro RC system DM2 ENABLE study), RPRX +12.6% (achieves superiority in top line analysis for both co-primary endpoints and various secondary endpoints versus marketed topical gel in first of two identical studies in the treatment of secondary hypogonadism), TKMR +9.4% (story suggesting it is a takeover candidate; lists GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Shire (SHPG) as interested parties), SYN +8.1% (Co and FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies UK announce significant improvement in API manufacturing of SYN-004 for the prevention of C. difficile), SCLN +7.5% (and BTG announce that DC Bead has been approved by China FDA ), MRCY +2% (receives $27 mln order for airborne sensor processing application; follows $39 mln missile defense radar subsystems order received last quarter ), WOOF +1.7% (announces new $1.4 billion credit facility and share repurchase authorization of up to $400 million), AVIV +1.7% (to join the S&P SmallCap 600), CNC +1.5% (to join the S&P MidCap 400)

Analyst comments: FEYE +1.7% (initiated with a Buy at Stifel), CRH +1.5% (upgraded to Outperform from Underperform at Credit Suisse), PANW +0.9% (resumed with a Buy at Stifel), FHN +0.8% (upgraded to Outperform from Mkt Perform at Keefe Bruyette), GOLD +0.8% (upgraded to Neutral from Underweight at HSBC Securities), SMTC +0.8% (resumed with a Buy at Goldman)

Gapping down
In reaction to disappointing earnings/guidance: GOMO -21.8%, WSM -10.5%, TLYS -9.6%, FRO -8.9%, GES -8.3%, GCO -6.5%, ANF -6.1%, GMAN -5.8%, HSOL -5.5%, VE -1.7%, VMEM -1.2%, .

M&A news: TEF -0.8% (raises bid offer for Vivendi’s (VIVHY) GVT unit).

Select EU financial related names showing weakness: DB -2.1%, SAN -1.7%, UBS -0.8%

Select metals/mining stocks trading lower after Austrian steelmaker Voestalpine AG sees drop in iron ore prices due to over supply: RIO -3.6%, MT -2.1%, BHP -1.9%, CLF -1.9%.

Select Biotech related names showing early weakness: ISNS -4.2%, FOLD -3.1%, MACK -1.8%, ARWR -1.8%, ACHN -1.5%, ARIA -1.1%

Other news: ROX -7.3% ((filed for $30 mln mixed securities shelf offering), TIF -0.5% (filed mixed securities shelf offering),), RSH -3.7% (pulling back from yesterday’s 20% gain), FOLD -3.1% (still checking), RSX -3.1% (new reports of Russian invasion into Ukraine), AEO -2.3% (in sympathy with ANF), RH -2% (following WSM results), YNDX -1.8% (Russian exposure).

Analyst comments: GTAT -2.2% (downgraded to Underperform from Mkt Perform at Raymond James), NOK -2% (removed from Europe 1 List at BofA/Merrill ), HTZ(e) -1.2% (heaing estimates cut at MS), V -0.8% (downgraded to Mkt Perform from Outperform at Raymond James)

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Как развивать силу воли

Sila duha cheloveka 300x200 Как развивать силу воли

Одной из самых важных вещей в GTD является сила воли. Без нее вы не будет доводить дела до завершения, любая выбранная вами система не буде работать. Первый же приступ лени не даст вам заглянуть в список дел. GTD, todo list, канбан доска — это всё инструменты. Мы про них много читаем, учимся их использовать, даже программируем. Только самый важный инструмент, который всегда при нас, это сила воли.

До не давнего времени я не понимал, как работает сила воли, не знал, в какой момент времени меня покинет самообладание. Это изменила одна книга. Я рекомендую ее прочесть каждому ITшнику, особенно фрилансерам. У нас, как правило, слабый внешний контроль, поэтому приходиться полагаться только внутренний. Поэтому так важно его настроить. Почему я рекомендую именно эту книгу в качестве руководства под катом.

Название книги и ссылки в конце статьи

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SPY на уровне вчерашнего закрытия

Ближайший уровень поддержки по SPY – 200.30 уровень сопротивления – 200.60

 analytics 27 08 2014 SPY на уровне вчерашнего закрытия

AMGN смотрим на покупку выше 137

CMCM смотрим за ним


Gapping up/down: EXPR +14% and ARUN +8% after earnings, MNKD +4% after initiation with Buy at Jefferies; SWHC -11% and TIVO -2% after earnings, LEJU -4% after dg at GS

Gapping up
In reaction to strong earnings/guidance: TUBE +32.5%, EXPR +13.9%, ARUN +8%, DCI +5.7%, NMBL +2.9%, TIF +2.7%, HEI +2.3%, REX +1.8%, BWS +1.4%

M&A news: OIBR +1.8% (Engagement of Banco BTG Pactual to act as agent to review alternatives to the acquisition of the shares of TIM)

Other news: ISNS +25.9% (seeing continued strength — another recent security play, ie DGLY, TASR), AEGR +8.2% (announces resolution of warning letter for JUXTAPID (lomitapide) capsules), PKT +6.9% (receives $5 mln in initial orders from Tier 1 European MSO), ALTV +5.4% (following late move higher on Juniper Investment Company amended 13D filing with proposal for an all-cash acquisition of $8/share), RSH +4.7% (continued strength following yesterday’s rumors on potential financing), RYAAY +3.6% (launched Ryanair Business Plus), PT +3.5% (still checking), CLUB +3.4% (Farallon Capital files amended 13D; indicates company should be prepared to evaluate potential acquirers’ interest and engage financial advisor ), YOKU +3.3% (announces up to $300 mln share repurchase program), HZNP +2.5% (announces the USPTO issuance of an additional notice of allowance with claims covering RAYOS delayed-release tablets), ARO +2.1% (in sympathy with EXPR), MBLY +1.9% (cont strength), GALE +1.7% (still checking), KLIC +1.7% (authorized the repurchase of up to $100 mln of co’s common shares), TRNS +1.4% (co increased secured revolving credit facility to $30 mln, up from $20 mln; $15 mln now available for acquisitions, up from previous $10 mln), ALLT +1.2% (in sympathy with PKT (closest peer)), DGLY +1.2% (cont momentum), BRCM +1.2% (Netatmo has selected the Broadcom Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices Wi-Fi technology), LGND +1% (partner GSK receives FDA approval for Promacta/Revolade for use in patients with severe aplastic anemia), GSK +1% (receives FDA approval for Promacta/Revolade for use in patients with severe aplastic anemia), STJ +0.9% (resolves FDA Warning Letter for Plano Facility)

Analyst comments: ACLS +9.4% (initiated with a Buy at Stifel), MNKD +3.7% (initiated with a Buy at Jefferies), RCII +2.9% (upgraded to Buy from Hold at Canaccord Genuity), HTH +2.3% (upgraded to Outperform from Mkt Perform at Keefe Bruyette), TTI +1.8% (upgraded to Outperform at Cowen), LVLT +1.3% (upgraded to Outperform from Neutral at Macquarie)

Gapping down
In reaction to disappointing earnings/guidance: SWHC -11.1%, DAEG -10.9%, YGE -4.8%, CHS -4.7%, SDRL -4.2%, TIVO -2.2%, (announces new $350 mln share repurchase plan), SLH -1.6%, BMRN -1.3%, (adjusted guidance to reflect one-time sale item), DY -1.2%, BF.B -0.8%

M&A news: COV -1.5% (investor has filed lawsuit to block Medtronic (MDT) deal, according to reports)

Other news: TLM -4.1% (seeing reports that co’s discussions with Repsol (REPYY) regarding a potential deal for the sale of assets have stalled), RGR -3.5% (following SWHC results), AR -0.8% (co raised its production guidance and 2014 capital budget to $3.7 bln), OWW -0.5% (OWW issues statement regarding American Airlines action; Orbitz for Business is not impacted)

Analyst comments: LEJU -4.4% (downgraded to Neutral from Buy at Goldman), RGR -3.5% (downgraded to Fair Value from Buy at CRT Capital, also in sympathy with SWHC), EJ -2.7% (downgraded to Neutral from Buy at Goldman), FB -0.5% (downgraded to Neutral from Buy at Janney)


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Рабочий стол трейдера, своими руками(10 мониторов)

Долгое время придумывал для себя удобное, многомониторное рабочее место. По жизни приходится решать задачи, связанные с программированием, тестированием, виртуальными машинами и обработкой редко изменяемой динамической информации. 

После выделения отдельной квартиры под лабораторию, решил собрать 10-ти мониторный рабочий стол, где все мониторы подключены к одному системному блоку и организуют одно единое рабочее пространство.

512e9c6383f24c0f915f776f91c57b11 Рабочий стол трейдера, своими руками(10 мониторов)
Закупил в разных местах:
1) Обычный просторный офисный стол;
2) Корпус для системного блока (нужен большой и тихий, под большое количество жестких);
3) Современные комплектующие: материнская плата под 2011 сокет, с поддержкой 64 гб оперативной памяти (4-х канальный режим) и с возможностью подключения до 12 жестких дисков, видеокарты, с возможностью подключения до 4-х мониторов к каждой (всего без райзеров в один системный блок помещаются три современные видеокарты). Видеокарты должны быть с пассивным охлаждением, бесшумный блок питания, современный процессор и т.д.
4) Мониторы (всего 10 штук): по центру — 2 монитора размером 27 дюймов, нижний (основное рабочее пространство) с большим разрешением и верхний, который будет выполнять роль панели управления, вывода каталогов, вспомогательное рабочее окружение в графических и видео редакторах;
5) ИБП (2 штуки) – один для системного блока и второй под мониторы;
6) Брус деревянный, для создания каркаса стола, мебельный щит для крыши, освещение, крепежи, провода и прочее.

27d11c562d75459fada47e82bf873aee Рабочий стол трейдера, своими руками(10 мониторов)

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Фильм Слишком крут для неудачи / Too Big to Fail, 2011


568291 Фильм Слишком крут для неудачи / Too Big to Fail, 2011

«Слишком крут для неудачи» («Too Big to Fail»)

Хроника событий, приведших к финансовому кризису 2008 года, с министром финансов США Генри Полсоном в центре сюжета.

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Spy растет на премаркете

Ближайший уровень поддержки по SPY – 200.25 уровень сопротивления – 200.45

 analytics 26 08 2014 Spy растет на премаркете

BITA продажа от 92

ATHM покупка на продолжение тренда вверх после 56

CONN покупка выше 46


Gapping up

In reaction to strong earnings/guidance: DSW +11.7%, PINC +2.1%, DAKT +0.9%.

M&A news: THI +11.8% (Tim Hortons shareholders will receive C$65.50 in cash and 0.8025 common shares of the new company per Tim Hortons share from BKW), BKW +4.2% (also, Warren Buffet (BRK.B) plans to invest in Tim Horton’s (THI) & BKW deal, according to reports).

Select pharma/biotech related names showing strength: BABY +13%, ENZN +5.2%, IDRA +4.9%, DNDN +4.5%, PVCT +4.5%, ICPT +3.2%, REGN +1.6%, TKMR +1%, .

Select metals/mining stocks trading higher: IGLD +2%, GDX +1.4%, ABX +1.3%, GFI +1.2%, SLV +1.1%, GOLD +1.1%, AEM +0.9%, KCG +0%, .

Other news: GENE +18.3% (announced earlier further patent success in USA), KITE +16% (announced patients with aggressive non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma experience positive results afte rreceiving anti-CD19 chimeric antigen receptor T Cells; 12 out of 13 evaluable patients had complete remissions or partial remissions), ZGNX +15.4% (Armistice Capital discloses 5.9% passive stake in 13G filing) DGLY +13.2% (following 50%+ move higher yesterday), MNOV +12% (to initiate clinical trial of MN-166 (ibudilast) in ALS ), KNDI +8.8% (China will consider $16 bln in funding for electric vesicles, according to reports ), ACHN +4.5% (cont strength), PE +3.4% (acquired Midland Basin assets for ~$252 mln;), CMTL +2.6% (late spike on reports of potential sale), CMTL +2.6% (confirmed it is exploring strategic alternatives), PINC +2.1% (announced the acquisition of Aperek, Inc. for $48.5 mln in cash; co also reported earnings), PT +1.6% (still checking), AMKR +1.1% (poisitve Mad Money Mention), NEM +1.1% (mining arbitration case against Indonesia has been withdrawn, according to reports).

Analyst comments: MBLY +3.7% (initiated with an Overweight at Barclays, initiated with an Outperform at William Blair, among others), MT +3.2% (upgraded to Buy from Sell at UBS), VE +2.4% (upgraded to Outperform from Neutral at Exane BNP Paribas), ENPH +2.2% (initiated with a Buy at Needham), MPEL +1.6% (upgraded to Overweight from Equal-Weight at Morgan Stanley), PCYC +1.2% (Hearing positive comments at Deutsche Bank related to prospects of Imbruvica)


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50 самых популярных акций в хедж-фондах — Рейтинг

top 50 logo 1 50 самых популярных акций в хедж фондах   Рейтинг

Американская аналитическая компания FactSet обнародовала ежеквартальный список 50 самых популярных акций в 50 крупнейших хеджевых фондах. Согласно исследованию фонды увеличили долю вложений в акции в общем инвестиционном портфеле на 9,8% во II квартале 2014 г. Следует заметить, что в I квартале эта доля выросла лишь на 1,9%. Медицинские компании, ведущие в настоящее время переговоры о слиянии, были самыми привлекательными для инвестиций. Хеджевые фонды продали значительную часть акций International Paper и Micron Technology, говорится в исследовании. Кроме того, крупные фонды расстались с ценными бумагами “нескольких медийных корпораций и системообразующих финансовых организаций”.

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Робот в день завала

Повезло сегодня роботу, пока о нем ничего подробно писать не буду. Торгует на реальном счете, через Sterling на фондовом рынке США (NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX). Пока только тестовые испытания по 100 акций.

Закрыл на первом движении падения рынка.

 3400 акций проторговал +500Gross

4cb65463ba73169dd5f2e059a51366d0 Робот в день завала


SPY за сегодня:

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Spy растет на премаркете

Ближайший уровень поддержки по SPY – 196.00 уровень сопротивления – 196.50

 analytics 15 08 2014 Spy растет на премаркете

AMGN смотрим на откат вниз

WHR продажа от 150

MHK покупка выше 140

MIDD покупка выше 88

HAR покупка выше 113

SVXY покупка выше 84

GILD смотрим на продажу, ГЭП на премаркете

TAP покупка выше 75


Gapping up/down: JCP +2% after earnings, MNST +20% on KO strategic partnership, ACHN +17% after Phase 2 data; JD and JWN -4% after earnings; ICPT -2% after initiation with Underperf

Gapping up
In reaction to strong earnings/guidance: DQ +10.8%, VRML +10.7%, RIOM +9.5%, CEP +7.9%, LIME +7.6%, YOD +7.5%, SKBI +5.6%, WYY +5.4%, SINA +5.2%, ADSK +4.4%, HTM +4.3%, AMAT +3.8%, XON +3.6%, AGRX +2.7%, ROX +2.7%, CHL +2.7%, UPIP +2.5%, LEI +2%, JCP +2%, KITE +1.7%, MNDL +1.4%, AEG +1.2%, SAND +1%, EL +0.8%, A +0.7%.

M&A news: MNST +20.3% (Monster Beverage and Coca-Cola enter into long-term strategic partnership), KO +1.8% (Monster Beverage and Coca-Cola enter into long-term strategic partnership).

Other news: ACHN +17.5% (achieves 100% sustained virologic response rate from an eight week Phase 2 trial evaluating a ribavirin-free regimen of ACH-3102 and Sofosbuvir for Genotype 1 HCV), CRMD +8.2% (FDA accepted co’s pivotal Phase 3 study protocol), FRO +4.3% (cont strength), SODA +3.7% (following MNST / KO ), GCI +2.3% (Icahn disclosed 6.63% active stake in 13D filing; supports split of the company), BHP +2.2% (announced update on portfolio; demerger of a selection of assets is co’s preferred option), GLF +2% (to replace QCOR in the S&P SmallCap 600), DNOW +1.9% (new Berkshire Hathaway stake), PARR +1.9% (announced successful completion of common stock rights offering and award of $164 mln contract with Defense Logistics Agency Energy), MNK +1.9% (completes acquisition of Questcor (QCOR)), GILD +1.5% (disclosed favorable ruling in Roche (RHHBY) / Pharmasset case), CHTR +1% (new Berkshire Hathaway stake), EBAY +0.5% (may soon accept bitcoins at its payment unit, according to reports).

Analyst comments: CHL +2.7% (upgraded to Neutral from Underperform at Mizuho), UPL +1.8% (upgraded to Buy from Neutral at UBS ), GSJK +1.5% (upgraded to Overweight from Neutral at JP Morgan), MBI +1.2% (upgraded to Buy from Neutral at BTIG Research ), NXPI +0.8% (initiated with a Buy at Stifel)

Gapping down
In reaction to disappointing earnings/guidance: ICLD -9%, OPXA -7.8%, PIH -5.7%, PCTY -4.6%, JD -4.4%, JWN -4%, XGTI -3.9%, WB -3.1%, EXTR -1.9%.

Other news: NQ -15.8% ( announces management changes; CFO has resigned from his position for family reasons effective Aug 22, 2014), IDCC -6.7% (co announced it is disappointed with decision by the U.S. International Trade Commission to terminate Investigation No. 337-TA-868), NWBO -5.1% (announced pricing of $17.5 mln offering of convertible notes; convertible at $7.30/share; will fund new manufacturing capacity in Europe), CNAT -3.3% ( filed for a $150 mln mixed securities shelf offering), NEO -2.7% (announced public offering of common stock; size not disclosed), MASI -1.7% (disclosed it received a warning letter from the U.S. FDA regarding compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices at Masimo’s Irvine, CA manufacturing facility.), ZGNX -1.5% (disclosed it received a paragraph IV certification from Actavis (ACT) advising of the filing of an ANDA for a generic version of Zohydro).

Analyst comments: ICPT -2.1% (initiated with a Underperform at FBR Capital; tgt $172 ), KKR -1% (downgraded to Market Perform from Outperform at Wells Fargo), BEBE -0.7% (downgraded to Neutral from Buy at Janney).


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SPY на уровне вчерашнего закрытия

Ближайший уровень поддержки по SPY – 194.85 уровень сопротивления – 195.40

 analytics 14 08 2014 SPY на уровне вчерашнего закрытия

ITMN продажа ниже 50

CSIQ продажа от 31

YELP продажа ниже 74

SEAS покупка выще 19

HGR покупка выше 22.50

Gapping up/down: PLUG +7%, PRGO +4% and KSS +2% after earnings; IOC +2% on M&A spec, TSLA +1% after initiation at CS; NDLS -22% and CSCO -1.5% after earnings, SEAS -1% after muliple dg’s

Gapping up
In reaction to strong earnings/guidance: PLUG +7%, PRGO +4.2%, AZPN +4.1%, DL +3.5%, NTES +3%, IAG +2.6%, RRGB +2.2%, CASI +2.2%, KSS +1.9%, NTAP +1.8%, RMAX +1.4%, ELP +0.9%, FRSH +0.7%, MTLS +0.5%, SAND +0.5%.

M&A news: IOC +2% (Hearing Bernstein suggesting Exxon (XOM), Total (TOT) and Woodside (WOPEY) as potential InterOil bidders).

Select financial related names showing strength: IRE +2.3%, CS +1.8%, HSBC +1.7%, RBS +1.2%.

Select battery related stocks trading higher after PLUG earnings: FCEL +2.5%, BLDP +2.3%, ZBB +1.4%.

Other news: SUPN +6.5% (receives FDA fast track designation for SPN-810), TCK +3% (still checking), GSL +2.3% (announced pricing of depositary shares representing $35 mln of preferred stock at $25 per share), IQNT +1.9% (increased quarterly dividend 100% to $0.15 from $0.075 per share), PANW +1.9% (cont momentum), PRSC +1.7% (to replace UNS Energy in the S&P SmallCap 600), RSX +1.4% (Pres Putin reportedly will do utmost to end conflict; Interfax reports the Russian govt will adjust list of banned food imports by 8/15), WY +1.4% (increases dividend by 32% and announces $700 mln share repurchase program), TPH +1.3% (positive mention on Mad Money), ZOES +1.1% (upsizes offering by 500K shares and prices 4.5 mln shares of common stock at $30.25), Q +1.1% (positive mention on Mad Money), PCP +1% (Board approved a $1 bln expansion to co’s existing share repurchase program).

Analyst comments: ARUN +3% (upgraded to Buy form Hold at Stifel), TSLA +1.3% (initiated with a Outperform at Credit Suisse)

Gapping down
In reaction to disappointing earnings/guidance: NDLS -22.6%, CNAT -11.8%, VCYT -11.6%, TKMR -11.3%, (also — co remains on clinical hold as it relates to the multiple-ascending dose portion of the Phase I clinical study in healthy volunteers with TKM-Ebola, expects matter to be resolved by Q4 2014; co also reported earnings), XONE -9.9%, YUME -9.1%, DGLY -8.7%, VJET -8.2%, OCLR -5.8%, VIPS -3.5%, DANG -3.5%, EXXI -3.3%, AEG -2.4%, CSCO -1.5%, SLW -1.2%, CIG -1.2%.

M&A news: NRG -1% (reaches agreement to acquire Goal Zero; financial terms not disclosed).

Select metals/mining stocks trading lower: RIO -2% ACH -1.9%, SLW -1.2%, CLF -0.9%, BHP -0.7%.

Other news: CNAT -11.8% (co said it is deferring the announcement of top-line results from the Phase 2 NAFLD/NASH clinical trial to Q1 2015; co also reported earnings), FSFR -8% (announced public offering of 22.8 mln shares of common stock), ENPH -5.6% (announced proposed public offering of common stock by selling stockholders), PDII -3.5%  (co’s subsidiary Interpace Diagnostics entered the molecular diagnostics market with thyroid and pancreatic cancer test portfolio acquisition of miRInform for $8 mln in upfront cash, future commercial milestone-based payments, and royalties), AMH -3.2% (announced public offering of 13 mln shares of Class A common shares), AMGN -2.2% (announced that the Phase 3 clinical trial FOCUS evaluating Kyprolis in patients with relapsed and advanced refractory multiple myeloma did not meet its primary endpoint), TKR -1.9% (announced proposed offering of $300 mln in senior notes due 2024).

Analyst comments: RMTI -4.2% (initiated with a Underperform at FBR Capital), ITMN -3% (downgraded to Neutral from Buy at Goldman), MSG -1.3% (downgraded to Hold at Topeka Capital Markets), SEAS -1.1% (downgraded to Market Perform from Outperform at Wells Fargo, downgraded to Neutral from Buy at BofA/Merrill), FCX -0.9% (downgraded to Hold from Buy at Stifel).


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