Trading Strategy (Draft, will always append)

Major signals at the input:

  • Puncture hai or low the previous day. The action must penetrate at least 1 day, more than 10 days of low or high.
  • Must be a trend on the daily chart and trade only in his direction.
  • The figure of the bottom, in the form of the saucer, turn the action. The action must take at least $ 2.3 with the opening of trading with, and after dinner such signals.
  • Reversal, after a strong rise of the action and the explosion of volume. Minimum 1 $ must grow, and begins to level jib.

Money management

  • If 3 days in minus 4 day do not trade.
  • If the transaction minus 3.4, rest for some time (min. 30 minutes)
  • More than 5 deals with the results, resting for some time (min. 30 minutes)
  • Delu limit losses intradeevsky:
    60% of the limit can lose up to 12:00
    40% of the limit can lose after 14:00
  • AT OPG can lose depending on the size of the position, for every 1000 shares ~ 7C losses. read more
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Badly readable text in posts

I ask a pardon from my readers, for bad grammar in my posts. I do not know English language well and I translate all posts through the electronic translator from Russian.

I would like to make out them competently in English, but I do not have person which translated my posts.

The most important thing to me to explain to you how to trade on NYSE and to earn money.

My blog find on following phrases:

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10 years trades within the day, making several trades per day, while living “off the market”.

In this issue, we encourage readers to get acquainted with the trader, who has more years 10 trades within the day, making several trades per day, while living “off the market”.He spoke about the pros intradeya, as well as its main trade rules that spectacular instructive.

 10 лет торгует внутри дня, совершая по несколько сделок в день, и при этом живет с рынка.

Sinedza Michael received a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. In 1999, Michael switched to trading, which from that time is the only source of income. In 2003, he started a blog on his website, TraderMike.net, offering daily commentary to the market and educational materials. read more

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Daytrading – November 7

Все времени не хватает публиковать каждый день сделки, но вот часть за 7 ноября:


07 11 AGU 500x290 Daytrading   November 7


07 11 EXC 500x224 Daytrading   November 7 read more

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Google -9%

google holt 500x229 Google  9%

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Google scalp :)

Recently, I did not trade Google Inc (NASDAQ: GOOG) and volatile stock though, with a large part of the spread, but sometimes it can be a good deal. Of course I wanted to be greedy and take 200 cents because of the shadows came out when 150 were given.

Particularly like to show off as nothing other deals already in 1000 and traded similar situation is nothing new.

What interest you write?

18 10 GOOG 500x219 Google scalp :)

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Results of experiments

About two weeks experimenting with his trade, the number of transactions, size, position, time, trading styles.

The size of the position:

  • Small position – begin to think less deal more risk. The result is not very good indicators
  • Middle position – most comfortable at this point, the transaction deliberate and concentrating on them. A good profit, with little negative transactions that do not strain
  • Great position – a considerable profit, but also big minuses. We need more precision that would make them too little attempt to make mistakes. Incubate large movement does not always work. Once a day you can make, but they always sell will not work. read more
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Daytrading for October 20

He made only two trades for den.Odna in AEM and second SCSS, but there is nothing interesting.

AEM: Agnico-Eagle Mines Limited
Although the stop was a few cents, but the stock has fallen a lot and turn the rule UPTICK, I was given a score of 2 \ 3 of the maximum position, to get it had to be later.

1 minute
AEM: Agnico-Eagle Mines Limited

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Daytrading – October 19

TRV : The Travelers Companies
2011 10 19 TRV 500x207 Daytrading   October 19

XEC : Cimarex Energy
2011 10 19 XEC 500x207 Daytrading   October 19

GG : Goldcorp
2011 10 19 GG 500x207 Daytrading   October 19
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