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Trust management (private trader)

I decided to write a small FAQ for investors who decided to invest in trust management to the private trader ie. I. For more details you can learn contacting me.

Trade is now conducted only on the US stock market(NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX) shares and ETF within the day, no transfer of positions the next day.

The recommended amount: from 30 000$ (at least 10 000$)

Who opens the account: just for the investor. Add/withdraw funds you can only

Broker: recommend Interactive Brokers LLC for accounts more 30000$ (individually of the amount)

Duration: from 6 months

Withdrawal: individually(no more 1 times a month)

Yield: on average 3-10% per month (depends on the amount, shoulder broker, market conditions etc)

Risks: 5-10% the maximum total risk for the entire Deposit(but not less than 3 000$)

The distribution of profits: 50% on 50% (individually)

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Develop the cryptocurrency

I decided to try to trade a bit cryptocurrency, let's see what happens.

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Trade bitcoin and Ethereum with RoboForex!


Hello, broker RoboForex Stocks запустили CFD на криптовалюты bitcoin и эфириум(BTCUSD and ETHUSD). Who would want to try with a small Deposit now have the opportunity to be in trend. I think myself on his account to make a couple of deals with this new tool.

Cryptocurrencies are a great alternative to the usual trading tools and show rapid growth. So, over the past 8 months bitcoin has risen more than threefold, than once again attracted the attention of professional traders, and beginners the currency market. The growth in the value of Ethereum are also impressive: if at the beginning of the year, its price was only 8 USD, now – 292 USD.






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Continuing the stream of transactions

Dear friends,

14 September 20:45 will be the next video stream Live Day Trading

I trade in the stock market stocks USA(NYSE,NASDAQ, AMEX). All transactions take place on real accounts.

In contrast to all other traders, all transactions and explanations occur in real time, you can also repeat them on your account. This is not.
Show will be useful for both beginners in the world of trading, and traders who are already trading for several years.

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Check the TOS – thinkorswim 2017


Many people know, now thinkorswim практически нереально зарегистрировать демо без задержки даты, but it turns out there's still ways to get it. However, there are no guarantees, that account will not block in a day or half a year. Unfortunately the method is very long, about 30 minutes and more, but surprisingly still works.

Due to the duration of registration, I can help you to obtain account, but without any warranty, that it will not block. In an extreme case will help again to get a new one.

You need minutes 15 time, that would help me, and I think symbolic 499руб for wasting my time. The amount of symbolic, just in your spare time can you make.

Contacts: or skype: Nysetrade


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