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The Method Of Peter Lynch. Strategy and tactics individual investor – Peter Lynch


This book will teach you to think of the market and investment categories, and maybe even write about business. Peter Lynch was the head of the legendary Fidelity Magellan Fund in the heyday of mutual funds. Lynch has achieved incredible success, buying shares of leading companies, in the performance of which is not doubted: for example, he saw, in eateries Dunkin Donuts is always crowded with visitors — so bought their shares. Lynch also coined the term two-bagger and three-bagger (for assets, the cost of which increases two and three times since the purchase, accordingly). The book is written in simple language and full of funny stories, so that even a novice in the investment field will read it without difficulty.

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James Stewart – A gang of thieves on wall street – download in fb2, txt, epub, pdf or read online for free

James Stewart, A gang of thieves on wall street – download in fb2, txt, epub, pdf or read online for free

A gang of thieves on wall street – best seller [ Pulitzer prize winner James Stewart. The book describes the financial scandals of the 1980s, which used diagrams of insider trading. The book is based on real events, documents and trade information.

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Mark Douglas. Trade in the zone (Zonal trading) – book download

This book describes a comprehensive look at the difficulties, faced by the people, received the call from financial markets. When it comes to understanding, it's not limited to tips brokers, and the justification for the purchase or sale is, in fact, extremely difficult, giving unpredictable results. The book offers a serious psychological approach, which should contribute to the achievement of stable positive results in trading decisions trader. The author offers no ready trading system, but his interest lies in a completely different plane – show, how we need to think in order, to become a consistently successful trader.

The book is intended for a wide circle of readers, independently facing any financial markets (stock, futures, currency and commodity).

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The book is the US Stock market for beginner investors download pdf epub (Freedom Finance) download

About the book

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40 books and educational resources for learning the stock market and algorithmic trading

The stock market is a broad and complex area of knowledge. In the last couple of decades actively developing various technologies of exchange trade. To understand the structure of the stock market, working on it laws and principles, and used by different players and technologies is not easy at all.

In our current material — a selection of 40 books and educational, to help you better prepare for getting started in the stock market and writing automated trading systems.

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