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The flag Pattern Is a Continuation of the explosive movement

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Flag Patterns

  1. Explosive movement marked by the speed and dynamics of movement. Ie. When 20$ the stock moves up 70 cents and more, for 1-2 minutes.
  2. This setup can be traded as long, so in the short. Beginners should focus on long positions.
  3. This pattern usually develops, because out hot news. Therefore the market has little impact on this pattern.
  4. What's it like to this type of movement on the chart? On M1 chart you will see a large explosive vertical bar. The following 1-3 the bar will be significantly less.
  5. If, after the explosive movement the stock has a small pullback and begins to move in a small range in most cases, after this reveals, the action will go up.
  6. You should never enter a trade on the explosive vertical bar. Wait for that moment, when the action calms down and starts to consolidate. This will give you the best balance of risk to revord.
  7. This pattern indicates a strong upward momentum. Usually in this setup enter a market order for the offer, and leave the limit order is also on offer.
  8. Any flag and pennant end "LowerHigh". When trading this setup, you can easily fool yourself, confusing "LowerHigh" with another explosive movement.
  9. What do you expect from the next leg up? If the first explosive movement was 70C, you should expect at least 35S for the next explosive movement. But very often what happens is that the second movement is set to the first, or more.

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Earnings Season (season report) – 14 useful tips

Earnings Season

Continue to publish materials from the archive.

Earnings Season provides us with the most of the opportunities for conducting profitable trades. This is our final series of games. It's like opening a, repeating every day for six weeks and four times a year. Every day is a new. Every day is special. Every day – delicious. Every day gives a lot of possibilities. It's our favorite time to trade. Here are some suggestions for, to help you maximize these opportunities during this Earnings .

1) Spend a little more time for preparation

Read the briefing night and morning. You have it should become a daily habit. During Earnings Season , after Closing you need to read all the reports on the profits, and choose the most appropriate action. During Earnings Season training should take place in two stages:

  • training night
  • training in the morning

At night, you need to develop some trading ideas and fully prepare them – so, as if it were happening in the morning. You have to build a plan for each of these ideas. You need to be sure, you have excellent ideas and you know, as tomorrow will make the money.

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Trade the consolidation of shares on the stock exchange USA

Old material, but maybe someone will have new thoughts, I do not remember who author. Found in the archives. a couple more to post later.

I think, most of the money, I've done day trading, comes from trade consolidation. This is one of the few professions, where you can accurately predict your growth potential. It basically works in all markets, but it is extremely effective in a strong market. This is most common in stock, which are very strong in the morning.


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Statistics for live show

Hello, on this page I will keep statistics on the real account for newbies – Day Trading on NYSE, NASDAQ — live show

For those who don't know me I have been trading shares with 2008 year, started and worked in several prop companies. Trading on the exchange is my main way of incomes. We can say, I live with him, but I like to do other projects as training and show now.

I have long had the idea to do the show, where will real-time to trade in the account and tell, what you are doing. To do this, open a specially small account in 1000$ have broker and decided to lead it publicly. I also have their investor account. The first video in my show you can look.

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Stream of transactions Day Trading on NYSE, NASDAQ – live show

Stream of transactions Day Trading on NYSE, NASDAQ - live show

Broadcasts transactions on the U.S. stock exchange in real time. All transactions take place on real accounts inside day in the markets NYSE, NASDAQ. - stream live

Schedule: weekdays 20:45 MSK time

Records | Chat with telegram | Training – action in September!!!

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