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Statistics for live show

Hello, on this page I will keep statistics on the real account for newbies – Day Trading on NYSE, NASDAQ — live show

For those who don't know me I have been trading shares with 2008 year, started and worked in several prop companies. Trading on the exchange is my main way of incomes. We can say, I live with him, but I like to do other projects as training and show now.

I have long had the idea to do the show, where will real-time to trade in the account and tell, what you are doing. To do this, open a specially small account in 1000$ have broker and decided to lead it publicly. I also have their investment account. The first video in my show you can look.

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Stream of transactions Day Trading on NYSE, NASDAQ – live show

Stream of transactions Day Trading on NYSE, NASDAQ - live show

Broadcasts transactions on the U.S. stock exchange in real time. All transactions take place on real accounts inside day in the markets NYSE, NASDAQ. - stream live

Schedule: weekdays 20:45 MSK time

Records | Chat with telegram | Training – action in September!!!

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Aggressive table risks of day trading on the stock exchange USA (NYSE,NASDAQ,AMEX)

level up trading nyse1 Таблица уровня дейтрейдера на NYSE

Slightly changed his Table level daytrader on NYSE, which was written in 2009 year for beginners, with a gradual and slow growth. Now decided to make more aggressive for traders with experience. The rules almost have not changed, but the size of the position changing faster for those who have already traded in large volumes.

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Little tricks on the terminal Takion

One of the essential filters Takion trading platform (Takin). Looking for in top stock, small base stops. The moment when the action slows down and there is a balance of buyers and sellers. A good place to enter, with minimal risk

Setting up a simple, here is my example:

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Individual coaching

Strategies of trading very much, tools market analysis more, therefore, the purpose of my individual coaching (training) is learning how to use my trading strategies, techniques and tricks of the trade. From the selection of stock and trade to statistical analysis to improve your trading.

For stable trading, I help students to build up their own trading system (strategy and set of tactics) tailored to a particular trader, his qualities of character and emotional level, lifestyle, employment and several other features.

Unfortunately, the majority of traders is not enough only to follow the training, they need constant monitoring and mentoring, so all my past group or individual training can enroll in coaching.

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