Где получить степень по экономике и финансам онлайн удаленно ? Diploma, сертификат

Learning stock trading on the NYSE, Nasdaq, Amex
Программы высшего образования в режиме онлайн обычно дешевле, чем очное training, и позволяют получать знания без отрыва от основной работы. Какие интернет-курсы доступны пользователям, желающим развиваться в сфере экономики и финансов?

Девиз «учиться всегда полезно» постепенно вытесняет устаревшую формулу «учиться никогда не поздно», и все благодаря развитию онлайн-образования. В интернете можно не только овладеть специфическими навыками на специализированных онлайн-курсах, но и получить полноценное высшее образование. В том числе по таким востребованным направлениям, как экономика и финансы.

Преимущество такого образования прежде всего в том, что оно позволяет углубить знания, а то и получить новую профессию без отрыва от работы, не сходя с карьерной лестницы. In addition, его стоимость ниже, чем при очном обучении в тех же университетах.



In the United States court equated ICO-tokens to securities

U.S. district court in Brooklyn have likened ICO to issue of securities. The decision was made in the framework of the proceedings for fraudulent tokentalk businessman Maxim Zaslavsky.

According to Bloomberg, at the preliminary hearing, the judge Raymond Deary agreed with the prosecution, that said, under the Federal criminal law of primary placement of coins equal to the securities issue. It remains to consider the jury, and, if they agree with this verdict, it will be a precedent for all similar industries.



How to know the composition of the portfolios of the funds ?

The Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA (Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC) requires, all major investment funds on a quarterly basis reported on their positions, filling in the report on form 13F. And in this review I will tell, how to search and read.



The development of will power. Walter Michel

Actionable recommendations for the development of will power from one of the top experts in the industry. Psychologist Walter Michel, the author of the famous marshmallow test, explains, what is willpower and how to develop it.

From the book, you will learn:
✔I like to apply and develop self-control, faced with everyday challenges: the need to lose weight, to stop Smoking, prepare for dismissal and other important issues.

This book will change your view on solutions, all of which we accept in education, education, social policy and personal life.



Why Russia is not punished for market manipulation

In contrast to the United States in Russia 75% Affairs, associated with the use of insider information, end not by courts and multimillion-dollar fines, and regulations

Another case of manipulating financial instruments in the auction Mosberg revealed the Bank of Russia or at least loud about it said. This time under the scope of the investigation, the Central Bank was the company "Finam".

On Tuesday, 27 Aug, the regulator has announced, in 2012-2016 years structure, associated with the "Finam", have made a lot of trades in the market with the shares of UC Rusal, Polyus Gold and others. The transaction, according to the Central Bank, had no economic sense, so, was done by prior arrangement with the purpose of manipulating the market. As expected, "Finam" denies everything.

Made to the law on counteracting improper use of insider information and their rhetoric, the Central Bank is trying to show, what is determined to combat market manipulation. But 75% cases related cases end in a prescription to prevent similar violations in the future. Why?

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