10 things, who should know the novice trader

If you are going to trade in the market, it is important to have comprehensive information, which will allow you to make an informed decision. This is a complex, but interesting segment of the market, and, because he does not fit all, you need to understand, what you are — you can change your mind, either be strengthened in its decision. So, what is important to know the novice trader?

1. You will not become a millionaire in a year

And even in three years. It is not necessary to go in this direction, if you want to get rich quickly — it is unreal. First, the situation affects too many factors, which the trader can not control.

Second, traders, that come on the market for easy money, are prone to make mistakes and to fall into the trap, so, to lose more, than earning.

If you are serious about your trading career, you have to understand, how this market works, and that requires hard work, patience and discipline. Any, who tells you otherwise, trying to sell something.

2. It's more "about the process", than "about the result

"See. above. If you want to make a career in this market, think not about the result, and the process. Your system should be designed on a long trip. This allows you to maintain balance and failures, that will make, and in times of success, when you lose a head.. It will require you development in a certain direction, and, thanks to these new qualities, you will have more chances of getting profit.

3. Will need to continue to learn — always

It is impossible once and for all become a master. The financial world is constantly changing, and with it the rules of trade in the market. If you are not ready constantly interested in new experiences, and test your knowledge, you will be hard to count on a steady income. The trader must be able to perceive new.

4. It is not necessary to complicate your work

The trader has access to a range of tools, simplify trading. Find them and learn to use. Trading is not difficult, but, if you do it manually or using outdated methods, you yourself put a spoke in the wheel.

5. To make money, need money

Most experts don't tell you about the losses, meanwhile, in this market you have to lose, and well, if not more often, than to win. And, if you are not willing to losses, you will be hard. It is not only the financial effect of the loss of money, but in the emotions. Many traders, experiencing loss, depressed or get anxiety disorder. People, who wants to receive stable profit on Forex, should be ready to permanent lesions.

6. A constant struggle and a test of knowledge

Trade in the market implies, that you are learning all the time. You learn something new, then check in practice, and then check again and again. This is similar to scientific work, only each opening is reflected in the profit. If you love to learn and love to test their hypotheses by experiments, you have a mind.

7. Always one

Most people for motivation and discipline required team. But the real trader is not. This is lone wolf, who spends many hours, improving your skills. It is important to have these qualities, since your only boss is the market, and the only instructions, which he gives to you, it figures profit and loss. No one will help you to start your trading career, nobody is going to browse and comment on your plans and strategies. It is only your responsibility. So, if you need a constant guiding hand or head, possible, this is not for you.

8. Do not be afraid of failure

It is important to understand, that this market money loss is not a tragedy, but the normal life, so, if you are inclined to consider any loss a disaster, you will not be late. Every trader goes through a period of loss. It is important to focus on the received experience and to continue to develop, otherwise fear of failure will not give you walk away income.

9. Emotional stability

If you're an anxious person, think thrice, before I go into this business. The market is emotionally costly affair, and traders, which come to consistent revenues, first learn to manage their emotions. And that we have to learn very peaceful people. The methods can be any: meditation, yoga, exercises on the visualization of the images — if only it helped to calmly endure the UPS and, and downs.

10. By itself

To get constant profit, you need to somehow become better than others. In order to understand, what is your advantage, you need to think outside the box, don't go with the crowd and to consider the specifics of his personality as assets. For example, possible, your "trick" is the ability to focus on the goal and go for it, without distractions. But in any case, in order to understand and to use, you don't have to look at others and escape the crowd.



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