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Manual: how to pay taxes trader (3-Personal income tax Declaration)


If you are actively trading, you have a lot of transactions. If you trade correctly, you get profit. So should this profit to pay tax. When working through a Russian broker, you to do nothing (as a tax agent it will pay for you). But when working through a foreign broker the alignment of a.



Brainstorming. Why hedge funds are earning more than others

Hedge fund
The biggest myth about hedge funds States, it "black boxes" — closed and non-transparent, and none of the clients don't understand, where their funds are invested. How to actually work in hedge funds and why they provide a high yield?

The first hedge Fund appeared in 1949 year. At that time its functions were limited to the hedging of the stock portfolio position to decrease, hence the name. This tactic allowed the successful funds to demonstrate indicators, ten times ahead of the market. To date, the industry has evolved greatly — much stronger, than industry as a whole. All the technological innovations in the field of investment originates in hedge funds.



What you live traders

Muscovite, trading in the securities market, told, as he earns and what to spend your high income

The Village continues to investigate, how to earn and spend people of different professions. In the new issue of their income and expenditures of the said commodities trader. On the securities market is composed of different participants: stock exchange, trading system, banks, brokerage and dealer companies, analytical Agency, as well as private traders. Profession last surrounded by romantic myths: they are supported by advertising services for securities and training courses, promising huge profits with minimal effort. We learned from a private trader from Moscow, whether this area is so easy to earn, why he does not consider the word "speculator" is offensive and how to spend your income.



How high frequency trading changed the position on world markets: 4 the conclusion of analysts of Credit Suisse

In the spring 2017 year articles published report about "the real role of HFT trading in the modern financial market ecosystem". The document says that, how high frequency trading has changed the situation on world markets we have chosen five main findings of the study.



Mark Douglas — Mind over market (interview)

The translator: Welcome! Your attention is invited to the translation of an interview with mark Douglas, a trader with experience and professionals in the field of trading psychology, the author of "Zonal trading" and "the Disciplined trader", which, sure, many are familiar with.

Mark will tell us, why it is important to avoid in trading, something to strive for in psychological terms, and describe the human component of price movement. I wish you pleasant reading and a successful trading week!

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