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Learning stock trading on the NYSE, Nasdaq, Amex
  • David Nelidov

    Book chic. Especially liked the Chapter on success stories of great people. One of them is Jesse Livermore. Although he had completed suicide, many consider him a great trader, who not only created the basics of technical analysis, but earned more than 100 million. $ .

  • Artem Sergeev

    Book “”The U.S. stock market for beginners investors”” struck me as interesting, because it describes the very essence of the stock market. I would like to note, this example is applicable not only to one country, but to many countries. Right here shown in the development of a story with the device of the financial market, introduces the basic tools, regulation of the process.
    In addition, in practice considers:
    - the notion of investing and his way (collective, individual);
    - the basic rules of work at the exchange;
    - buying and selling shares; shown graphically marketplace;
    - work on the exchange through a broker;
    - how to understand the broker reports.
    The book as a source of information for my investment experience
    Book, directly, deserves special attention. For me it was the ladder in the world of investment. Of course, I took a lot from it. To exercise in practice was much more complicated. But, read page, learned about currency fluctuations, about the intricacies of the investment process, and about the bargains. It became much easier to work on investment sites, to invest profitably and to wait for a proposal; to buy and sell stocks, which can both increase, so to fall in price.”

  • VladSkin

    I came across a book on the Internet. Downloaded, read – I liked it. after ordered in paper. The book is good, suggest it to those, who are just beginning to learn the stock market. From the book I would single out the Chapter "Fundamental analysis". It describes methods for constructing tactics. For example, when there are gaps, after the publication of quarterly and annual reports, the author suggest to sit on the fence or if you are already sitting in position to move the stop loss higher. The author also highlights seasonal fluctuations of companies, for example, Apple, often moves during the release of the new iPhone. In addition to financial statements, don't forget about the announcements, innovation and corporate actions.

  • Igor Ivanov

    The book is not really cool, ordered her son as a gift. He is a second year student of financial College started and they are just starting to learn stock markets and investments in securities, but in the end got me. Information deployed in an accessible form. The book is divided into 2 part, personally, I liked the first part, which describes the theory. I would single out the Chapter "How to construct the financial market" – very easy and well described. The book is addictive.

  • Leonid Sukharev

    A few months have been trying to trade on the stock exchanges. Much success yet, and understandably so. In Finance, not a professional, special knowledge is not enough. Tried to fill these gaps with available as online, and offline literature, but without much success. Useful literature little – some are too academic and divorced from reality. The other way around – very frivolous style, irresponsible recommendations, how to get rich quick.
    When my hands got the book "the US Stock market for beginning investors", thought, it is also from this series. However, as you study I have changed my opinion. Just that, what you need beginners. The book is written in simple and understandable for non-financiers language, at the same time describes all the basic concepts – what is stock market, trading rules and strategies, the formation of investment portfolios and types of risks. The theoretical part is supplemented by numerous examples from real trading. The authors of the book – Professor of Economics Tamara Teplova and successful practitioners traders from leading Russian investment company "freedom Finance" Dmitry Panchenko and Igor Kleshnev. Thanks to this successful symbiosis of the authors the book was very useful and affordable for beginners.

  • Vladimir Eremeev

    This book helped me to earn the first, albeit small, but YOUR money!
    It I began its development in the World of Stock market and stock trading. I've been wanting to get close to this fascinating and, of course, promising occupation as trading in the financial market, but I was afraid and did not know where to start.
    This book answered many of my questions and instilled confidence in themselves.
    Of course, stock market trading will not be successful, if you're not working on. And when you're a beginner (as I) and I don't know where to look – without experience and knowledge you are definitely doomed to failure! And after reading this book I realized what to look for and how to approach the choice of broker and trading instruments.
    But the most important thing is, I SEE WHERE I can GROW and what areas to improve their knowledge.
    Of course I am aware of, ahead I still have a long way to learning, but without this book I wouldn't have been able to quickly gain an understanding of the basic principles, required to start trading, and feel the exhilarating first taste of victory!

  • Dmitrii Kazantsev

    The book is read for the first time recently, now, after the first experience of trading, read. And see, what are the benefits of it were obvious, she saved me time out errors. I'm not a fan of short sales, prefer more long-term investments, because here and found here a lot of valuable. Two key chapters, offered the second and sixth, this description of the market and its functioning, and how to fit in and start working. But the rest is not to be missed, the material organized and filed consistently, it should be read in a row, just important to pay more attention.
    A big plus – summary of each Chapter in the form of a collection of her key talking points. Helps to remember from reading the most important. One more thing – in addition to the General theory there are a lot of examples and concrete situations, they are visual and are described in detail. Analysis of companies, their prospects, choice – understandable language, easy to read. As a historical retreat, but here they are built correctly, for the whole picture it is absolutely necessary.

  • AlexSiler

    The book is really valuable. I used many of the things perceived too difficult or generally tried not to touch them, but thanks “Stock market for beginners investors” now I understand what the Depositary, intraday trading etc.
    A lot of useful information for me was the stories of real people, who share their experiences on the pages. They start reading and for some “sins” in trade notice.
    One of the chapters in the book will help very inexperienced people nauchitsia trade in just a few hours of their efforts. I did not think that so clear I can explain in a few words the basics of trading.
    It is useful to read even for those, who has experience in investing, because. great signs than stocks differ from each other, methods of trade stocks and other securities. Personally I was surprised by the strategy of passive investing. I did not think that such scheme of investments will show themselves from the best side. In General, I advise everyone to read, who are somehow linked to trade in the foreign exchange and stock markets. Will not be superfluous!

  • Semen Fadeev

    This book is among my desktop, I periodically reread. Excerpts from her I first met online. and then bought the paper version in the store. What can I say – really, from the literature for novice investors, but this, perhaps, the most sensible, there is a lot of information for the us stock market. Described his story, functioning currently, processes happening in it, learn about shares and related things. In addition, here you can learn about trading, what you need for successful work, the investment strategies, trading platforms and much more.
    As a person, who prefers active, I was interested in the head, focusing on day's trade (interday), short-term (within a few days) transactions. Also the fundamentals of technical analysis, without which such a strategy is ineffective. And, most importantly, the material is fed consistently, from basic concepts, the authors smoothly to advanced topics. The assimilation of information that facilitates highly.

  • Iliya Parshutov

    This book was bought quite by chance, on one of the street bazaars of the book. At that time, I worked on trading course, was looking for such literature, therefore, pay attention to it. Was, that not in vain, as a beginner, to me it was really useful. Probably, advanced investors a little something for yourself new in it you will find, but I did, for example, what is an IPO?, why is this procedure so important, and how it affects the stock. Even that was useful – trading strategies, especially intraday, he was there a whole section devoted. Well, and a little bit on the medium-term trading.

    A history of the stock market of America read literally "in one breath", almost like the art book. And not the way they say, what this digression (a definition I read in one review), information for the overall development you can never be too. In General, if you recommend the book, as such, as I am, that is, beginners. They certainly will be very happy, since many of the new discover, and it will cost them a modest sum.

  • Artur Usoltsev

    I took the book as a textbook. The teacher actively encouraged. Bought first electronic version, but it sucked, what I have found and paper. The historical part is read good as fiction, especially the history of specific individuals – to me the most about the millionaire hobo liked. And then, smoothly move to today's realities and inertia technical part is read too easily. Assets, liabilities, their types, features of work with them, the basics of fundamental analysis, the nuances of technical, principles of functioning of the securities market, the role of various market participants in the auction – it's all there in the book. Stood in the way of trading, does not get far without a knowledge of legislation. Legal acts, associated with the control securities and stock activities, addressed in one of the chapters. To be honest, I think this is the best book on trading, you can imagine. The filing of such, what I want to learn even more, to dig deeper, try to practice.

  • Artur Usoltsev

    I do not remember, on what forum I found a link to this book. Went, began to read, and the same day I use. At the time, I just signed up for trading courses, therefore, everything associated with the topic interested, and here was just for beginners. Do, starts with the basics – what is stock exchange, how it works, structure, turnover of shares and other bonds – all of this is here. There are already more complicated things, such, as financial market regulation and itself is directly investing.
    Trading platform, reporting, basic terminology for the novice, all served in a very readable format. About IPO, moose and flet – what they mean, first heard it here. As well, how about fundamental analysis, rather, its principles. By trading strategies in the book also have, but relatively little. But the procedure of formation of the investment portfolio disassembled details, I have never seen, that she would expound so clear.
    Well, the historical part to read is generally a pleasure, especially the Chapter about Jesse Livermore.

  • Andrey Rodin

    Whatever apprehension I felt about the books on investing, the book "the U.S. Stock market for beginners investors," changed my attitude to all such materials and that's why:
    • The book "the U.S. Stock market for beginners investors," describes in detail all, he wants to know people, on the threshold of investing. With its help, anyone can start earning. The book provides a gradual self-education course, "dedicated" investors.
    • The first stage of training – introduction to the history of the US stock market. This helped to lay the foundations for a, upon which the entire work in the market. This Chapter told about the structure of the stock market and helped in the future to successfully work on it.
    • In the latter stages describes the important principles of investor and success stories. It helped shape my future tactics and encourage productive work.
    • Unlike other books, "The U.S. stock market for beginners investors" provides a comprehensive understanding. It helps in classical self-education and in understanding the difference in exchange jargon – than climbers differ from proboshtov, and skate – from to roll.

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