Max Gunther – The axioms of a speculator(audiobook)

Макс Гюнтер - Аксиомы биржевого спекулянтаRelease year: 2009

Author: Max Gunther

The contractor: Samoyed E.

Publisher: Peter audio

Type audiobooks: audiobook

Audio codec: MP3

Audio bitrate: 192

Description: The axioms of speculation, also known as “the Zurich axioms”, – this is a set of 12 basic and 16 auxiliary immutable rules, remember which a stock player, no matter what market they may be working: stock, currency or commodity. They contain descriptions of difficult mathematical models or strategies. Instead, the author thoroughly and winningly honest look at the market through the prism of the features of human behavior. He reveals to the reader the main motives of traders, at the same time calling a spade a spade – the excitement, greed, superstition, etc. The use of this knowledge for financial gain (or avoid unnecessary losses) – here is the result, which allows us to achieve compliance with the axioms. A red thread through the entire audiobook is the theme of risk and management, after all, the risk – this is an essential attribute of gambling. The audiobook can be considered as a Handbook for practical psychology for current and future traders, containing besides rational tips and insights, helps to take into account the human factor and to reconsider their own attitude to exchange risks when forming their trading strategies


Learning stock trading on the NYSE, Nasdaq, Amex
  • Victor

    The author has created an interesting and accessible Handbook, which is convenient to study, doing daily chores – washing the dishes, while cleaning, in transport and t. d. Especially clearly formulated the main motivator – human greed and greed.

  • Sergey

    At the beginning of the book there are contradictions PLAY ON BIG BETS and NOT JADEITE the PROFITS GO . This makes the book absolutely useless and not only a direct path to ruin . The impression , that person wrote it is in the interests of the brokerage company concerned in the number of transactions their customers. And hear the traffic more often . I do not advise beginners to read , it is better to find books of a trader And Elder.

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