Thought, that Bulk is so stupid.

This is dope guys.. I'm in shock.. and this man truly believes, what could be the head of state!!

A brief abstract of the video:

1) Said, what does not recognize Crimea as part of Russia))  In short a few million votes he's already lost this phrase.

2) Alex is convinced that, that all the troubles and the problem of the Crimea can be solved after the "correct", "honest" the referendum)). And that, all Western countries immediately recognize it?). Ukraine, apparently, in the first place)). God.. what a fool.

3) When he becomes President, all, starting from gay, ending the convicts in 282 article (Inciting ethnic hatred) will March to any cities "as much as they like". It's just wonderful, isn't it?

4) "With Khodorkovsky I talk, Khodorkovsky supports me, but he does not Fund me".
- Here Hodor nothing else to do, how "to talk and to support" that, what he doesn't plan to invest and use for your purposes… Oh right we're stupid, I swear.

5) With 15:22 Everyone to watch.. you should have seen how Alex hesitated at the question, he who writes the economic program)). Summary of response is, that Alexey Navalny is not shy about the fact, that when he becomes President, the economic way of Russia will define "the most competent people, economists, living in different countries"!!! Ie. Russia will go into administration. In the metropolis that economists are smarter than our, so let people control us)).

In General, it's fucked up. Don't understand, who can for him progolosovat? And I'm not talking, Putin the best… no.. I here do not want to discuss, but compared to the Bulk – Putin is just a God))).

Alex really knows how to look for undeclared possession of the officials and remove beautiful videos. Actually, when it is beyond the scope of this activity climbs – it looks quite adequately. But as soon as he opens his mouth about the management of Russia – it's kind of a shame. Amen.
If Navalny will become President, then Russia will stop stealing – this is by far the. Because stealing will be NOTHING.

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