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OPG: Sold DJ shares limitname with a gap +0.60%. Given 17 just 2 things. JNJ and MRK, but all the DJ flew up so I shut it down to zero. OPG did NOT meet my expectations.

CLR: Sold almost from the opening, the action took place more than 40C of one of the candles and was a possible pullback, covered half. Originally wanted to do 90S, , the output stood at 23.10. But later decided to take that beautiful point. Lowe turned out 23.07 and flew up. Had higher to cover all.


DRQ: A very fine action was, this was afraid to wait attempts breakout, out 27.54. We had to sit.


FDX: Pierced, but wouldn't go any lower unfortunately.


HK: sold just below 20 and stop just above 20. Tested the resistance and went below, but I didn't sit through the pullback and got out before continuing the fall.


MOS: Sold only 1 rip on little volume , from yesterday's trade has decided not to risk it today. EQR has passed 40C in my direction and closed at 20C even lower.

It was still 2-3 trade in the flat, did not have time to save them.

The results: Repulsed part of yesterday's losses. I had longer to sit, but because of yesterday's losses very cautiously traded.

P. S. Post written dry due to the fact that all previous recordings failed and did not recover. BUT there is still 1000000000000000 trades and have that will put every day a new =)

The date of the trade : 20 Mar 2009



Breaking trading rules

Today I decided not to trade because. market promised to be dead.

OPG: Rice would not sell because the market was trading in positive territory. Just watching them, surprisingly they went down the open.

Day made just 1 the deal. Sold GIS about 46.50, but below the action almost failed and turned. Closed flat and waited MOS. The market was dead and had nothing to catch.

MOS: Futures were flat, imbalance came out weak. I have a rule not to trade weak MOS, but 2 day the previous day and they had a bed and why can't they be good. Faced serious I'm in Finance, and a lot sold until it fell before closing, this time the order finally worked and I covered the position at the closing price of. But closed they are very bad, I lost as much as earned 2 the previous day. I haven't had this much lost.

The results: You can't break your trading rules, it is very expensive. Consider 3 day traded in the flat. Certainly unpleasant, but don't repeat that mistake.

“Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm”

The date of the trade : 19 Mar 2009




Basic movements for today I didn't see coming, prior to the announcement to change or not % bet, as expected it was left unchanged and the market took off into the sky =)

My yesterday's overnight and did not cover the arch, tried to go, but did not take. Futures traded in the red before the opening and we had to quickly knock out promotions. Sent a sell order on OPG and still a little over the top. Opened SLG below 50C on my purchase, and since I have stayed with the MOS lot, then I got a good minus =(

OPG: Decided to sell rice because yesterday they closed at a high, today, the futures traded in the red, there was a large probability that they will go lower. Sold stores a small basket of 8 stock and almost repulsed loss for SLG.

NOC: Sold in motion, but below did not go.

KFT: Sold after breaking, almost nothing was. This was to be expected, the protest has lacked the capacity. Stupid trade.

GR: Sold catching the action, missed the beginning of the movement, consider sold at the bottom.

Later bought a little higher 36 and shut down about 36.45.

AIG: Again, I climbed it on the ears when she went. A few days later buy.

Still waiting for her shaltout and open at the dollar higher. Did 20% the value of the shares ;)

MOS: After FOMI are all gone and I was scared to buy. Bai came out and I bought Finance and ritzy on the ears. Everything was fine, if you don't count the brakes and the triggered orders on the way out. Had to go all the ARCH and at very bad prices. Earned 3 times less than gave ((((

The results: On overnite I had lost, but well done OPG offsetting the net loss.

The trades were stupid, probably because of the disorder that has just lost so much money because of the GAP at the opening. MOS I did well, but earned a lot less due to technical problems, must be something to do with it…

The date of the trade : 18 Mar 2009



Dear emotions...

Today is the day promised to be rotten, tomorrow HIF, so good moves should not be expected.

MT: I sold on the break of today's low, on the daily chart he was far to fall and the beginning of a trend emerges. All is good, but 16.50 the action is not passed, at this point in the future there was a large green candle and I did a stupid thing not covered because it is the most action around 10:00 in the US, or are deployed or go on, I choose the optimistic option, but he failed.

HUM: Sold on the break of yesterday's low, this time decided to take their 50C, came at a pre-set limit order , although foolish because it could go lower.

HCP: Bought on the break of today's Haya, but in vain. It was not necessary to enter after these candles up, the probability of rollback was huge. We had to wait a little while to gain a foothold at this level.

HES: Sold it for 60.98 risk in 4 cents, relying on the rollback 50C , but the market moved on and is with him. Usually I do not do such things, but the risk was minimal.

OXY: Action of the day, lost it ¾ earned for the day, in the beginning I bought it about 55 and hung up on me, and then sold there. This is the most moronic trade I've had in a long time, was just emotions and the desire to earn money and to beat minus. There is no logic, emotional trade. Well that managed to stop them all, began to increase after 1 loss, in 2 once logging has increased the volume of positions and lost it again. Entering 3 times, I would have lost all the money and would have gone into minus another.

MOS: Bai came out and I bought Finance with Ritzema and re-buy, on motion , sorry late bought. You can earn in 3 times more, well, not so bad. However in 1 stock left overnight, why it didn't work order, and arch, I already did not want to take. Hope , the market Ritzema will open in positive territory tomorrow.

The results: Emotions have failed me today, and for a couple of minutes I merged earned, well that was still something to lose. I did not have time to stop unfortunately -(((

The MOS should more aggressive to gain positions, I for a long time disgusting mosek.

The date of the trade : 17 Mar 2009



Time to move on to the bullish side ;)

The bullish trend , stocks fly up not allowing himself to shortat, I think in the near future, my results will fall to a flat or small profit, a year 95% my trades were shorts, and I forgot to buy the stock , need a little more time, to remember how to sit through long positions.

AIG: The action flew 40% with the opening and I bought it, the hope was that it shaltout and open to 2-3$ because I didn't know the news the rapid rise of the, I decided not to miss the opportunity to earn and bought more, the risks were minimal, but my hopes were dashed. Left covering only the Commission.

MET: Fail bought in the shadows and came to a stop, constipation normal trade, I had to re-enter the action. Hard while prisposobitsya to Lanham.

MRK: I sold on the break of today's low, but the action didn't go unfortunately.

MUR: In the beginning I bought after breaking Haya, give 30C, but then the action went, after waiting a bit I have it shorted, thinking that it will not go, but too bad, again gave 30C , but below did not go.

TEG: Bought on the break of the Haya, set the stop and went for lunch. When he returned he saw that gave me 25C, but I came to a stop.

ZMH: Good input, well went, but I left open stance and closed profit, went by the stop, not after we get 50C profit. (((

NOC : Sold when the stock is already beginning to draw in a down trend and sat until closing it. At 38.30 like closed it.

MOS: Nothing interesting happened, continued to fall until closing. Bought in the last seconds of the finances and made some money, sorry took a little stock.

The results: The day closed in flat, was good trades, but I didn't take profit. It's hard to move on to the longs, after a year of shorts. ON MOS need more..

DATA trade : 16 Mar 2009

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