Time to move on to the bullish side ;)

Learning stock trading on the NYSE, Nasdaq, Amex

The bullish trend , stocks fly up not allowing himself to shortat, I think in the near future, my results will fall to a flat or small profit, a year 95% my trades were shorts, and I forgot to buy the stock , need a little more time, to remember how to sit through long positions.

AIG: The action flew 40% with the opening and I bought it, the hope was that it shaltout and open to 2-3$ because I didn't know the news the rapid rise of the, I decided not to miss the opportunity to earn and bought more, the risks were minimal, but my hopes were dashed. Left covering only the Commission.

MET: Fail bought in the shadows and came to a stop, constipation normal trade, I had to re-enter the action. Hard while prisposobitsya to Lanham.

MRK: I sold on the break of today's low, but the action didn't go unfortunately.

MUR: In the beginning I bought after breaking Haya, give 30C, but then the action went, after waiting a bit I have it shorted, thinking that it will not go, but too bad, again gave 30C , but below did not go.

TEG: Bought on the break of the Haya, set the stop and went for lunch. When he returned he saw that gave me 25C, but I came to a stop.

ZMH: Good input, well went, but I left open stance and closed profit, went by the stop, not after we get 50C profit. (((

NOC : Sold when the stock is already beginning to draw in a down trend and sat until closing it. At 38.30 like closed it.

MOS: Nothing interesting happened, continued to fall until closing. Bought in the last seconds of the finances and made some money, sorry took a little stock.

The results: The day closed in flat, was good trades, but I didn't take profit. It's hard to move on to the longs, after a year of shorts. ON MOS need more..

DATA trade : 16 Mar 2009



Again grow

Decided OPG not to trade, nafig them anyway I don't know how to properly do them, more risk, less good. For this first hour I sat and watched the market.

TJX: Bought after breaking yesterday's Haya, with a small stop. The campaign tried to grow, after 20 cents it started to short and I left on foot.

AU: Bought after breaking above today's Haya. The action took place a little more 20 cents my way, but, Hey, squeeze touched my stop, it's a shame. There was a good potential for growth, about 1.5$ up to resistance. I would have done 1$ , but it did not. Rejoining was dangerous.

DB: Bought on the break of today's Haya. Very quick action and a little predictable, so dokopatsya did not. The most interesting set stop just below 32.50 and as you can see on the chart I had to knock on the foot, BUT stop was NYSE and lo candles were 32.53, and on the arch 32.44 like. And I miraculously flew out of the position, then she took off as expected. High green candle where I covered was 33.27, and I went on 33.20 =)

This trade I took yesterday's negative that I have left and still earned top, I never traded on this day.

No desire for some reason ...

MOS: Not traded today, again, the problem with the terminal and it's for the best. Was normal buy, but the stock fell to the end like, who were averaged and bought at the last minute made money. I unfortunately could not buy at the end =(

The results: Blocked yesterday the balance of the downside and did a little over the top. Надо больше совершать трейдов, but today, why do, probably due to the reluctance to buy stocks.

The date of the trade : 12 Mar 2009



The rise of the market…

Tuesday was an interesting day, in the morning the bulls took the initiative and did not let her go until closing. I like the Russian bear doesn't like it.
I did not expect such a rise, and the OPG sent GE market for sale, eventually lost 2 cents, well done ))

Market departed, and I looked at it with eyes closed, it was all stupid to buy and make a lot of money, but who could have expected such a rise. Charter to look at it all waited for the pullback on the SP500 and seeing that all on flies I bought a couple of shares of a DJ and made some money ;)


FO: Decided not to trade on such a day, don't like to buy. Something I thought I saw a turn and I sold it, but accidentally hit the wrong button and pushed a little action, went out a couple of cents in + begin to cover your position and not in vain as it turned out )
Lucky, came in + for large volume.

ROH: The morning sold ROH for 2 the day he rose from 55$ to 78. Buy it. There was hope, I can cancel the order or anything else and I'll make a few points. The risk was minimal, and the ratio 1 to 20 according to conservative estimates. BUT the stock never moved after a couple of hours of hatching


MOS: Was one of the best in a long time,  came big buy and went out and closed Hai.
Sorry I have loaded very little, had to shipping on all,  did very light. You can do several times more.

The results: has been done correctly, that did not climb with shorts in this market, but in long to make a lot of money. BUT with a bearish mood, it is better not to argue with the market. Done took the money and did not press. The MOS is a pity did not load on the ears.

The date of the trade : 10 March 2009



Well nachnems =)

Today the market was sluggish as I thought, special moves were not where the money is handed out, but to trade I found that .

FDP :  Gross errors were not, but sorry missed 2 the moment

FLO: The action struck her bottom, and all is good, butfutures  was ridiculous aptik and they all flew up, had to go

FO:  the action was good potential, sold on a new day, while eating dinner she just fell to 18 but then not willing to go, the rollback was expected so that outlasted not steaming , but the next candle was alerted and took off a large part of the position. Left view, after hitting bottom sold some more , but in the end did not go .

RMD:  The most stupid trade of the day, sold catching movement, but the ridiculous thing that came out of it almost immediately.
Then even worse, sold it again and got the reversal.

UNP: Generally you shouldn't touch these shares, the shadows don't allow to set adequate stop.

WAT: NOT worth it to catch up with the action if missed , we had to wait for the right moment .

The results:  The worst mistake today was, trying to catch up with the action.

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