Improving the financial literacy of the population in the smartlab

What did the people not come up on the topic of financial literacy. I read on a few topics about smartlab dividends (probably mentally preparing for the seminars). In General, basically, pushing the following logic, something like this:

-if you invest in 1917 year in dividend stocks, for example, 100 $ , now 2016 year stocks increased by N times, is the amount of 1 000 000 $ . The dividends on that amount (for example 5% annual) equal 50 000 a year, therefore, initially invested in 1917 year amount received today 50 000% annual only in dividend payments. (!!!) This is not Bank deposits and are not coupons from bonds at any 10%.

Is the Grail!!!! All seminars dividends!!! :)

P. S. By the way, not a bad idea. I too annual interest income considered not from the amount at the beginning of the year, and from initial investment in 2005 year. Will be much more fun. :)

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