Statistics for live show

Hello, on this page I will keep statistics on the real account for newbies – Day Trading on NYSE, NASDAQ — live show

For those who don't know me I have been trading shares with 2008 year, started and worked in several prop companies. Trading on the exchange is my main way of incomes. We can say, I live with him, but I like to do other projects as training and show now.

I have long had the idea to do the show, where will real-time to trade in the account and tell, what you are doing. To do this, open a specially small account in 1000$ have broker and decided to lead it publicly. I also have their investor account. The first video in my show you can look.

For trading strategy you can read my blog and most of the questions will find an answer.

And so for September-October:

  • Deposit 1000$
  • Daily risk 50$
  • The number of transactions 2-3
  • Number of positions 2
  • Max. stock 200
  • Trade in the second half of the day
  • Goal 2000$ Deposit

A few deals were for bitcoin and visit the Ethereum because of this, the balance does not add up.


14.09.2017 -7800 -19 981Link
22.09.2017+64800+52 1033Link
25.09.2017-15800 -31 1002Link
27.09.2017 -27.4 1620 -61.4 940.6Link
04.10.2017 Output.
Analysis of transactions


10.10.2017--- linkno trades
13.10.2017 -13 800-29 768 linkhurried
17.10.2017 -24 600-36 732.85 link
23.10.2017-13.45 -13.45567.4 The Ethereum(-)


















Insights: Unfortunately while trade in that account stopped because. could not fully adjust to 1 position 100 shares and to perceive this as real. More like the demo traded. For such a small account, the Commission found a need to do more than 4 CPS, under normal 1.5. Large losses were not, but advantages too. It is difficult to trade in other accounts when there are no restrictions and realign parallel to the trading plan under the small account. Also stream very greatly affects the result, trade for show.

Likely to lead, that it was possible not to compress and adhere to a plan of action. Interesting experience, but the implementation was bad. Will have to try something different :)

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