Introduce strict rules to trading NYSE


Well, after two days, plus, on the third day broke again and do something silly. There were some some new problem in trading:

  • Cases of 50-90 cents per transaction and close it to zero
  • Very much believe in individual transactions and put everything at stake
  • I can not stand without a stop loss
  • Began trading spreads, my trading strategy are almost completely eliminates
  • Seeking any kind of new experiences and adventures.
  • Not observe the trading system, risk management
  • I take the position 5-6 times larger than the standard
  • Stops increased 2-fold to 30 cents a share
  • Many bulge
  • Do not close the positive transaction, I want more money
  • Averaging in the position

This is just part of what is said behind him and on this Monday tightly control their transactions and return discipline.

At the time of emergency imposed new rules:

  • Trades only on its trading system, no reversals, and other brilliant ideas
  • A strictly limited number of shares, no more no less.
  • I close 50% of positions in achieving its 50 cents and move the stop at least 25 cents
  • Maximum risk in the transaction 10-13 cents if no longer enter
  • The minimum capacity of 40 cents a share
  • To 10:30 no open positions
  • Daily limit losses divide into 2 parts: 2 / 3 before lunch, the rest after 14:00
  • No averaging and increasing the position.
  • A small profit is better than a big loss, not on turnover!

    And if all would comply, then the money heaped on me :twisted:


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