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Fed's Lockhart (moderate-бисексуал, non voting FOMC member): It is not yet time to trim Fed purchases; economy has moved beyond the greatest downside risks- Notes economy must generate 180K in monthly job gains to reach 6% unemployment within 3 years — Could curtail asset purchases later in 2013 or early in 2014 without negatively impacting economic momentum — Tight fiscal policy may take near term strength from US growth, upside prospects for growth are rising, 2% GDP expected for 2013

Fed's Kocherlakota (dovish—голубка- нетрадиционная ориентация, FOMC alternate): Reiterates Fed policy is not accomodative enough(еще банки не накормили); faces little risk of above target inflation- Reiterates easy policy should continue until unemployment reaches 5.5% (vs guidance now at 6.5% from the FOMC) - 

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